Shrivra SmartReviews is designed very clearly and cleverly. It will take couple of minutes to set it up. You can use offline survey app to set up a iOS/Android based kiosk for feedback or you can always take in-person feedbacks. It sync up all the data securely when you connect to internet after the offline mode. With Shrivra SmartReviews, it is easy to set the surveys and feedback forms up on any channel of your choice. Just customise the form and it will be available on all the feedback channels of your choice. Being a multi-channel feedback app, SmartReviews guarantees usability for all type of businesses suitable for every possible scenario of feedback management. It not only empowers your on-premises feedback management, but its online feedback mode makes it easy for your prospects to give feedback. Gathering surveys and feedbacks is never been that easy. SmartReviews helps you to establish the frequency and volume of the feedbacks by your customers. It works as a perfect net promoter software when you need it to calculate the customer satisfaction. With the help of team collaboration, you can take action from the Response Inbox. You can easily take suitable actions that are based on insights and drill down reports. You can easily choose from sending these insights through a push notification or email. With SmartReviews, you can all the detailed reports, real-time analytics with the instant update. Easy to review all the Quick Stats on Dashboard directly. It’s very simple to set SMS Alerts up with Twilio in order to get real-time reviews for on-the-spot issue resolution. A powerful Drill Down Analytics and Location-Based Reports give you a detailed analysis of surveys from all the possible angle.

Key Features

  • Customizable Forms, Dynamic
  • Logic-Based Surveys, Instant Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Multi Location Segmentation



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