Uninand Technologies is engaged in the business of conceptualising, designing, prototyping, development of Customer Journey Management Solutions and Products and its associated hardware and software that enhance any customer centric service area.

Queaxis helps organisations align their Customer Experiences through it's proprietary and advanced technology for varied industries. This includes appointment scheduling over app or website, ticketing, digital signage of customer-centric content, customer service points and post service feedback.

Queaxis has evolved from a traditional hardware focused business model to a more advanced Cloud-based SaaS model. This model has the potential to make the product scalable while bringing down costs and time of adoption of the solution. Queaxis envisions to democratise the Customer Journey Management Solution to be available for varied industries and business of all sizes. This enables businesses to reduce manpower costs, technology implementation costs and accelerates the time to adopt of latest technology while giving multitudes of value for it's existing and prospective customer base. The SaaS model is a plug and play model where the business can just purchase our software on a monthly subscription basis and acquire a simple hardware from Queaxis or on their own in their local market.

Today, Queaxis is one of the leading brands in customer service industry serving 200+ customers in over 10+ countries around the globe and more than half a million users benefit out of Queaxis every day.

Key Features

  • Queue Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • Digital Signage
  • Visitor Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Customer Journey Management



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