Teams use Canny to keep track of which customers want which feature requests. This data helps them make more informed product decisions.

You can either let your users post & vote on feature requests, or your support / sales / product team can keep track internally. By default we will host your feedback, but you can also integrate it into your website or mobile apps.

Growth is driven by the value you provide your users. Understanding their needs prepares you to deliver more value. This is why listening to user feedback is crucial to being successful.

This can be a daunting task, especially as you scale. How do you keep track of who wants what? How do you encourage more feedback, without it becoming overwhelming?

These problems are what inspired us to build Canny, a simple way for your team to stay on top of user feedback.

How it works:

So many companies still collect feedback via email, live chat, or Zendesk tickets. Imagine the time it takes to process hundreds of conversations and respond to hundreds of emails. Canny helps you stay on top of user feedback while spending your time valuably instead.

Ask your users a simple question like “Which features should we build?”

A board is a place where your users can post and vote on feature requests. Boards can be public or private — some teams use boards to keep track of feedback internally.

You can follow up with comments or change the status of a post to “in-progress” or “complete”. The beauty is that only the people who voted on the post get notified.

This keeps your users in the loop and lets them know you’re listening. They’ll love you for that.

We aren’t trying to automate product management. Just because your users ask for something doesn’t mean you should build it. You still need to decide which features align with your mission and key metrics. Feedback helps you be more informed in this process.

Canny was designed to help your team answer questions like:

What are the top 5 most requested features?
Which customers care about feature X?
Coming Soon: What do paying customer want most? (via segmentation)

Without answering these questions, how can you be confident in your product decisions?

Key Features

  • Feature Voting
  • Widget
  • Single Sign-On
  • API
  • Slack Integration
  • Private Voting



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