People and real estate continue to be the largest expense for organizations today. Wisp is software, service and support for administrators who want to effectively manage their space and the staff who use it. Saving time and identifying vacancy saves our clients millions of dollars every year. From implementation to every day support, our team of space management experts are standing by to answer your questions.

Occupancy Planning
Organize staff departments with interactive stack planning and seating scenarios. We make sure your new hires and agile workers have appropriate workspaces to be there best.

Workplace utilization
Is your office efficiently using time and resources? Use our Observe Application to conduct workplace utilization studies and analyze employee activity in your office. Make the most of useful programs and fix the services not being used by employees.

Move Management
Across the country or across the hallway, Wisp’s move management tools are designed to take the confusion and worry out of moving. When relocating office spaces, use Wisp to schedule, plan and execute your move. Simply drag and drop people and departments into your CAD floor plans. Once you are finished, share the seating plans with your team.

Space Management
Wisp is the method to your space management madness. Our CAD experts turn your floor plans into an interactive work management tool. Make service requests to your IT department and track leases directly from your desktop. In a world of multiple use rooms and mobile workspaces, we offer free maintenance to your CAD floor plans when things change.

Not having up-to-date management information is frustrating and costly. Identifying time sensitive opportunities and issues requires having accessible data at your fingertips.

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