Transcendent® is an operations management software providing customer, employee, and asset information beyond the traditional office. We help you track assets, improve workflow, and provide a better return on investment.

Transcendent features include asset management, document management, work order management, expenditures, reporting, and barcode scanning & mobile devices.

Work management is a critical part of any maintenance planning. Work order management features include a comprehensive dashboard, inspections checklist, preventive maintenance, rounds & proof of presence, work orders, and work requests.

Asset management is the process of combining management, financial, economic and engineering practices and applying those to physical assets to ensure the best possible ROI for your facility.

Transcendent® offers powerful features for adding, viewing, managing, and reporting on assets. Besides the asset details, you can see related documents and contracts as well as maintenance history on every single asset. Allow your assets to reach their full lifespan.

Facility engineers can access their work orders & work requests via their mobile device using Transcendent's software on iOS and Android devices. Work can be completed on and off-line and be synced once back in an internet connected area.

Facility managers can manage engineer's work and access information on all their assets including, asset life-span, work completed, work tasked, capital expenditures through the Transcendent dashboard.

Transcendent is in 6 continents, 70 countries, and speaks 18 languages.

"Visibility to Assets & Processes Anytime, Anywhere"

Key Features

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Work Order Management
  • Mobile Barcoding
  • Asset Management



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