Planon specializes in IWMS (integrated workplace management systems) and CAFM (computer aided facility management) software to help organizations optimize their real estate portfolios and facilities management processes. These results are being achieved through three key components: proven experience and software, innovative technology, and easy-to-use solutions with accessible support.

For more than 30 years, Planon has focused on product development. The Research & Development team has built the software completely in house and has been listening to customer feedback as they develop new functionalities and user experiences. By not being involved in mergers and acquisitions, Planon’s products remain consistent and independent.

Planon’s software is accessible on both the cloud and on local servers. It assists with every phase of your real estate lifecycle, maintaining the value of corporate assets and improving cost efficiency. Planon’s software also includes space planning tool, reservation system, maintenance management, energy audits and workplace-related services management.

Once you choose Planon, we will support you in every step of your implementation and in the use of the software. Planon customers can rely on our company’s track record of thorough preparation, project-driven implementation, and professional support. Using best practices and industry standards saves time, money, and unnecessary effort during the implementation process, enabling fixed-price implementations.

Key Features

  • Real Estate Management
  • Portfolio management
  • Strategic space planning
  • Maintenance Management (Planned Preventive, Reactive, and Condition Monitored)
  • Space & Workplace Management
  • Mobility
  • Agile Workplace Management
  • Reservation management/ room booking systems
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated Services Management
  • Sustainability
  • Move Management
  • Kiosk Solutions & Apps
  • Mobile Field Services
  • CAD integration
  • SLA and Contract Management
  • Service Desk



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