Forsite is the first ever remote contractor management system using small and easily installed "on-site" sensors, that automatically and reliably "sense" and engage staff and contractors entering your locations instead of depending on the contractors to "self" check in and out.
Forsite offers Job management if you want it from a tenant order upward transparently or you can simply integrate existing job management ,
to wrap Health and Safety mini toolboxes on every single Job live at the cliff face.
Forsite is proving a winning combination of safety, savings and efficiency for running any site or facility, complex or farm, orchard, industrial site, development, body corporate or building site
Improve safety
Up to date safety information in your contractor's hands immediately. Paper can be easily lost and a reluctance to complete required forms is a real problem. When it comes to health and safety, having contractors working with incomplete or missing information regarding hazards or unsafe activities is dangerous.
Streamline processes
Building owners and contractor head offices have live data about who is on-site and why, as well as the ability to send updated alerts, job and hazard alerts.
Automate the burden of paperwork with easy to use digital check-in and automated check-out.
Ensure compliance
See all your properties and contractor activity in one place. Data gathered on contractor visits can be downloaded at any time for compliance and governance reporting.

For further information contact our Business Development Manager [email protected]

Key Features

  • Health and Safety Software for Contractors
  • Manage Induction
  • Facilities Management Software
  • Live Task and Hazardous update
  • Live Escalation
  • Geolocation Accuracy
  • Paperless Induction
  • Attendence Report
  • Online Management Portal



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