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Zoho Connect is a private social network for organizations, that brings together teams, partners, vendors and other stakeholders of the organization. Whether your organization is a start up or an established one, with Zoho Connect, all members of the organization, and also teams of any size can communicate faster, and work together more efficiently. Whether members in your organization work remotely, or in the same office, with Zoho Connect, everyone has access to the right set of tools that can help them quickly reach out to their co-workers, and collaborate with them, and get more work done in less time.

With Zoho Connect, you can start conversations with anyone in your organization, create, share, and collaborate on documents, build and tailor apps to suit your needs, crowd source ideas and solutions, start discussions, provide teams and departments with their own space to get work done, build your organization's very own repository of knowledge, and you can help new employees, or partners quickly familiarize with your organization and work culture, simply by adding them on to your Zoho Connect network, and also, have some fun along the way.

With native iOS and Android apps, you can continue to engage with your co-workers, and get to know about everything that is happening in your company, when away from your desk, or on the move. With Zoho Connect, you have an intranet that grows along with your organization as you can add as many users as you want, anytime you want to, for free.

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  • Enterprise social networking



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