Flexible contracts and having multiple employers at the same time are increasingly becoming the standard for many people in today's society. As a result planning and managing those flexible professionals has never been more challenging. At the same time for those same professionals it simply takes too much time to communicate their availability to their ever-growing network. Especially when every new client requires them to use a different internal planning system.

Planning however starts with availability. But figuring out who’s available when can be very time consuming. That holds even more true when the amount of people you work with increases. Floown is the easiest way for professionals to share their existing calendar (e.g. Google Calendar) with one or multiple teams. And when those professionals share their calendars, Floown becomes the quickest way for team leaders/planners to find out who’s available for a selected time.

Our algorithm makes sure randomness is taken out of the equation. Floown ranks the list according to the most likely person to accept a booking, which is predominantly based on their availability. By doing so we are creating the fastest way to schedule people there is. It's as simple as adding people, filter and book.

A simple, innovative solution to a growing problem
The pieces of the old model of work, rearranged to make them click in a more suitable way for the 21st century.

Share and Synchronize
People in your team can block the weeks, days or hours that they’re unavailable manually. Or they can import events by syncing with Google Calendar, which renders them unavailable for those timeslots. Their remaining available time is shared with you, so you get the reliable, up-to-date information that you need in order to act fast.

Smart Filter
When you have your team(s) set up, Floown automatically ranks the people based on availability. Just select the days and the hours you want to see and our smart filter presents you with a real-time overview of who’s available for that specific timeframe.

See, Filter, Book
Booking available people with Floown is a breeze. The big, blue booking button is always at your disposal so you can book whoever’s available instantly. And people don’t need to think twice about accepting, they can only get booked when they’re available.

Key Features

  • Realtime availability overview
  • Share across multiple teams
  • Book people directly
  • Synchronize with Google Calendar
  • Slack integration
  • Smart Filter
  • Filter through your entire flex pool
  • Works on all modern browsers
  • Always know who's available
  • Ranks people based on availability



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