Agendrix is ​an intuitive employee scheduling and time and attendance software designed primarily for companies with 15 to 250 employees per location.

If you are still doing your schedules with Excel or a similar tool, it means you are spending many hours per week on managing your employees' work schedules.

Agendrix gives you all the tools to drastically reduce the time allocated to manage schedules and communicate more effectively with your employees. When a new schedule is published, affected employees are instantly notified by Facebook, email, text message and push notification according to their preference. Directly from the mobile app (iOS & Android), your employees send their leave requests, availability and shift transfer requests. Once a request is approved, it is transposed directly into the schedule and the employee is notified.

Agendrix also helps you make better decisions. For example, you can view your labor cost while planning and see the impact of a shift on an employee’s working hours before assigning the shift.

When an employee see his / her schedule, you will see an eye appearing on his / her shifts with the exact time the employee has viewed their schedule. This empowers the employees because they can no longer have excuses. In addition, you can fill an open shift much faster by creating open shifts. These will alert only qualified and available employees.

In addition to employee scheduling, you may use the time and attendance module, which allows to capture the actual hours worked. Depending on the needs of your business, employees can punch in/out their time entries on a tablet, computer, landline on a job site or on a smartphone geolocated. Your timesheets get created automatically when your employees punch in/out and Agendrix adjusts time depending on your different rules you’ve activated.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface - drag and drop
  • Notifications - text message, push notifications, facebook, email
  • Time and Attendance Software - mobile, tablet (iPad, Android), PC and phone clock
  • Availability managament (prefered hours, non-wavailability)
  • Leave management
  • Multiple locations
  • Reports (hours and cost)
  • Calendar sync
  • Job sites - perfect for construction, field services, events
  • Labor cost management - forecast your labor cost
  • Messages with employees



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