SalesHandy is sales engagement platform. It provides Auto Follow-Up, Email Tracking, Mail merge, Document tracking & Email scheduling. It allows the user to send mass personalized email using mail merge, from Gmail or their own SMTP servers.

SalesHandy’s Email Tracking feature provides open rate & Timing which helps in finding hot prospects. Screen share feature allows users to share their screen and give demonstrations to multiple customers simultaneously. With ready to use templates and high customization feasibility. SalesHandy allows users to attach files from centrally managed documents and get analytics of the engagement generated. Users can import the contacts using CSV or Gmail/outlook integration.

The solution is compatible with various browsers available across all platforms whether it is android, iOS or windows based. SalesHandy offers integration with other web based services including CRM, Gmail and outlook. It is a web based solution and does not require any initial setup to be installed.

The key features of SalesHandy (all features)
-Email Tracking (Gmail & Outlook Integration)
- File(link) Sharing & Tracking
- Custom file-link sharing to know forwarding for targeted prospects
- Contact Management
- Email Templates
- Mail Merge
- Bcc to CRM (CRM integration)
- Email Scheduling
- Live Pitch & Screen Share
- Lead’s Activities Tracking(Desktop Notifications)

These features collect behavioral insights and present them in an actionable format.

Features of SalesHandy Gmail Plugin (Chrome extension)
-Email tracking
-Email scheduling with time zone
-Use templates
-Share Files and files-links from gmail as attachment (attachment tracking)
-Bcc to CRM (record all sent emails in your CRM)
-Features of SalesHandy Outlook Plugin
-Email tracking
-Use templates
-Share Files and files-links from gmail as attachment (attachment tracking)
-bcc to CRM (record all sent emails in your CRM)

SalesHandy Integrations
-Gmail Plugin Or Chrome Extension

• SalesHandy allows users to subscribe to the software on “per user per month” basis.
• It offers customer engagement using email tracking, behavior tracking, live meeting and file sharing.
• The product helps to track the recipient activity and generate insights for the documents accessed by the recipient and the time spent by them on different files & slides.
• Share files with clients and grant rule-based editing permissions to different users.
• Manage all sales documents from one place and organize them by different criteria such as teams, private or company.
• It offers provision to share screens with multiple prospects at the same time.
• SalesHandy offers in-built tracking features to keep track of emails, leads and sales performance. • Schedule unlimited live meetings along with real time notifications to monitor live performance and keep sales teams up to date.
• Users can access their documents on various devices and platforms including Android, iPhone and Windows.

SalesHandy is the only free email tracking tool without any restriction.
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Key Features

  • Mail Merge with Auto Follow-up
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Scheduling
  • Document Tracking
  • Presentation Sharing & Tracking
  • Team Templates



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