Automate text extraction from emails the easy way
Just point and click the text you want to extract in an email sample. We will do the heavy lifting for you and extract text of any similar email you send us afterwards. It. Just. Works. Seriously!

1. Turn emails into structured data
Emails are full of valuable data that are needed on a daily basis in practically any business. Unfortunately emails are just unstructured text and making such text meaningful for a machine is hard. Parseur lets you easily transform any email content into structured data. This process is called parsing. Parseur is an email parser.

2. As easy as point & click
Creating a template couldn't be easier. All you have to do is to select the piece of text you want to capture and give it a name. As you send more emails, you will notice that the template gets automagically refined.

3. How it works
Start with sending your first email to the address we will give you. Then, create a template based on that email. After creating a template, send similar emails and Parseur will extract the data from each of them. You can also send emails with different formats to the same parser. Parseur will ask you to create a template for each new email format. When there is more than one template in a parser, Parseur will automatically use the one that matches the mail you send.

4. Benefits
- Automate your workflow: Parseur will automatically transform any email you send into structured data that can easily be uploaded to your systems.
- Speed up your processing time: With Parseur, Email will be processed in real time upon reception and data available to you immediately with no human involved.
- Improve your quality and reliability: Once setup and after a few calibration runs, Parseur will reliably process all your emails and transform them into structured data.
- Smoothen your workload: Parseur will happily cope with any volume of email you throw at it. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan in a few clicks at any time.
- Become more cost efficient: Parseur will save your business time. Parseur will save your business money.

Key Features

  • Turn Emails into Data
  • Point & Click
  • Advanced Template Editor
  • Multiple template support
  • Multiple download formats
  • Automagic improvements
  • Simple workflow
  • Responsive Support Team



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