Why ​Pay ​​Hundreds of Dollars​ Every Month ​When You Can Keep ​That Money In Your Own Pocke​t​?
​It's ​almost criminal ...​ ​email service providers have been sucking money out of the pockets of marketers for years.
​They've been getting away with charging people $20 a month, $50 a month, $100 a month, and even $500 a month for a "service" that is difficult to manage and often unreliable.

​The worst part about it is that you can only ​add 500 subscribers to your list for the $20 a month fee! ​

And if that wasn't bad enough, they make every one of your subscribers re-optin ​if you upload your list to their service. Talk about a quick way to kill your list and lose subscribers.​

It seems like they ​​want to penalize you for succeeding and growing your online business.

​What If ​There Was a Cheaper and ​​​​Easier Way ​To Manage Your ​E​mail List of ​Unlimited Subscribers?
​​Forget those clunky desktop apps or poorly written WordPress plugins. They are too unreliable and they have no method of tracking to see whether your email was read or even received in your prospect's inbox.

​Don't try sending an email blast from your Outlook! Most ISP's will shut you down if you send more than 50 messages at a time because they will think you are sending spam. ​

​​Then, after your internet access has been shut off, you have to spend hours on the phone with their customer support people​ ... who you can barely understand ... and try to convince them that your emails are legit.

Wh​y bother? You need an email solution that ​gives you ...

Cloud Based Technology ​Puts You In ​​Total Control of Your ​​Email List and ​​Marketing Campaigns​!
Let's face it ... there are ​some ​g​reat features ​that a cloud based email marketing service ​could provide to help you​ ​grow ​your online business.

Features like ...
​E​asy to use dashboard. ​​See all your contacts, lists, and campaigns in one place.
​In-Depth ​email & click tracking. ​Easily see who opened your email and how often they opened your message. Send special offers to those who opened your email multiple times.
​​Manag​e multiple ​lists. ​Whether you're just getting started with one list or you are an experienced marketer with hundreds of lists you can manage everything from one easy to use dashboard.
​​​Multiple campaign manager. The conclusions you've come to, on your journey so far. This will make a great segue to starting to present your product.
​Advanced drag & drop email ​builder. ​Don't know how to code in html or create fancy looking emails? No problem. Our advanced drag & drop email builder lets you create beautiful emails with ease.
​Email verification integration. ​It's an unfortunate fact of any online business that people don't always put in a valid email address into your landing page or opt-in box. Our email verification integration allows you to check the email addresses on your list to be sure that they are valid.
​​Fully responsive. Manage from ANY device. ​Create and send emails from your desktop at the office or from your mobile device while on vacation. ​There's no limit to where you can ​launch your email campaigns.
​​​Built-in opt-in forms. ​Our simple form builder lets you create and customize your opt-in forms to collect as much or as little data from your customers as you want. Embed your forms into your landing pages, website, or ​blog.
​Email automation included. ​This is probably the most powerful of all the features offered! You can set up automation rules so when an action is taken by the subscriber it triggers another event (like sending a follow up email if someone has not opened your previous email). Set up unlimited automations on unlimited lists.
​Seamless integration with SMTP and other 3rd party services. ​It's easy to join MailZoom with any of your favorite SMTP services including Amazon, SendGrid, MailGun, Elastic Email, SparkPost, and more​!

Key Features

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • In-Depth email & click tracking
  • Manage multiple lists
  • Multiple campaign manager
  • Advanced drag & drop email builder
  • Email verification integration
  • Fully responsive
  • Built-in opt-in forms
  • Email automation included



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