Developers, product managers, UX/UI designers... Most digital professions are now suffering from the same issue: with the multiplication of tools and services, it's getting harder and harder to stay efficient.
Basic level fixes are not cutting it: Slack and Zapier integrations are sexy but why should the same information be replicated over several platforms?
Some go the other way around: they disable all notifications and randomly check each platform. They might suffer from FOMO: Sometimes, you have to know and act immediately.
Neither methods provide satisfying results.

Gwapit centralizes and prioritizes your notifications, giving you the right information at the right time and letting you act on it.

Gwapit fetches the notifications from Jira, Slack, Github, Confluence, Github, Trello and many other services you use, all in one place. The notifications are then sorted according to their criticality and automatically gathered in relevant groups. First, a high-level sorting is done to distinguish notifications that require an action from you from those that are just here to inform you. Then within each of the two categories, notifications are sorted into the appropriate groups to make them easier to process: document updates, team mentions, critical bugs, etc. You can act remotely on the notifications directly from Gwapit, no switch between apps anymore.

Notification overload shouldn't be our new overlord.
Gwapit is an app on a mission: giving you back your time and restoring your ownership over it. Don't let the dark design practices ruin your productivity, let Gwapit shield your attention.

Key Features

  • Notification Prioritization
  • Notification Centralization
  • Atlassian Suite Support
  • Rule-based notification sorting
  • Email Priotization
  • Slack
  • Do not disturb



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