Ultria is the newest division of Verdantis, Inc.– an organization which has been providing enterprise critical SaaS Governance and Stewardship solutions to G1000 companies for over 14 years.

After helping organizations boost and sustain their ROI from ERP implementations and more fully realize synergy from Mergers and Acquisitions, Verdantis created the Ultria division to deliver similar value to legal and revenue teams.

Ultria offers end-to-end, SaaS-deployed, Contract Lifecycle Management solution for the Enterprise—Ultria CLM. It is a market-proven solution with a legacy of successful deployments over more than seven years. With a workflow based authoring and approval tool, and a comprehensive repository of contracts and clauses,

Ultria CLM helps companies across the spectrum derive greater value from their contracts. By connecting with eSignature and CRM solutions, Ultria CLM seamlessly streamlines the quote to contract conversion process. Its post-signoff contract management capabilities empower the enterprise to extract the maximum value out of contracts, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Authoring: For accelerated contract creation, negotiation, and approval
The tool integrates with MS Word to create contracts using templates and clause library. It also provides
wizard-based contract authoring for quick contract creation. Standardizing contract language and
exercising version control minimizes exposure to legal risks and captures benefits for organizations.
Configurable workflows streamline the entire review and approval process.
Repository: For secured contract storage, search, and compliance tracking
Ultria CLM Repository provides secured storage for all contracts, clauses, T&Cs, NDAs, and other
supporting documents required by teams to ensure compliance. The repository enables multiparameter
search, dynamic reporting, and configurable dashboards. Users can also set up alerts on
the basis of parameters such as contract expiry, contract utilization, and market price fluctuations.
Post-Award Analytics: For optimum contract utilization and risk management
Ultria CLM integrates with CRM, ERP, HRM, and FIM systems to provide real-time insights into contract
performance and utilization. It helps mitigate risks associated with erroneous contract terms, nonenforcement
of clauses, and missing of contractual obligations. The tool also offers AI-driven risk
prediction capability based on clauses used, past performance of similar contracts, and historic data.

Key Features

  • Repository with strict access control
  • Seamless integration with Sales force and other enterprise systems
  • Compliance and utilization tracking
  • Configurable alerts and reminders
  • Self-service request portal for the other contracting party
  • Powerful & freestyle keyword search
  • Smart clause library
  • Configurable templates with third-party template parsing
  • Audit trail to track contract versions
  • Collaborative authoring and negotiation
  • Risk Scoring Module for effective identification and tracking of risks
  • Configurable review-approval workflows , Support for e-signatures



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