Slite is the first note taking app designed entirely for teams.

With a strong focus on simplicity, the real-time editor and collaboration features allow teams to collaborate on content easily.
With a strong focus on accessibility, the interface lets teams organize and access their work in the quickest way possible with a sidebar with notes always ready for use.

Some key features of Slite include:
- real time editing in notes
- user presence in notes
- the possibility to organize your content in "channels" and "collections"
- minimalist editor with bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, headers
- code snippets support
- adding images, embed files from the web, add tables, attaching files, checklists, bullet point lists
- mentioning team members (with @+)
- linking notes to each other (with @+title of note)
- activity overview and version history of the note editing
- permission features at the organization and channel levels
- admin features
- Slack integration
- Google SSO
- comments and pings
- notifications center and daily email digest
- share notes externally with a public link
- supports emoji

Some of the main use cases observed are: knowledge management, content collaboration and meeting notes centralization.
Teams of all types are using it: marketing, sales, HR, development, management and product.

Slite becomes one central place for teams to work together on ongoing processes while storing best practices in a place that's easy to find.

Key Features

  • Real time editor
  • Comments
  • Slack integration
  • Google Single Sign On
  • Notifications center
  • Organization in channels
  • Permission and access settings
  • View history



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