Rettach is a secure, easy to use, subscription based, SaaS Document and File Management system for email. Providing an automated service that captures attachments from Cloud Email Services (O365, Exchange, Gmail, Mail, etc.). Copies these attachments and files, then organizes based on rules, these attachments to virtually any Storage Service (Microsoft Office 365 /OneDrive, or Google GSuite / Google Drive, DropBox, etc.). Reducing the time consuming, laborious task of filing, organizing, finding, sharing, and backing up email attachments and files.

Easy implementation – fast, simple, automated Customizable rules and templates.
Captures attachments from any IMAP4 Email Service.
Connects to virtually all Cloud Storage Services.
Connect multiple services: 1:1, many:1, and many:many.
Administrative and user level control panels.
Low costs – No need to change anything about existing email or cloud infrastructure.
Platform Agnostic: Mac, PC, iOS and Android.
Interoperable with virtually all cloud email and storage services.
SaaS model that deploys quickly & easily.
Controls – restrict users to only add company-approved email and storage services.
Administration and visibility – full visibility of users, accounts and related activity.
Data at rest – Rettach doesn’t store any customer emails or files, emails and files are located are in the same services already in use (no additional exposure of data at rest).
Secures Data in transit – Rettach encrypts all customer data end-to-end.
Automatically applies rules to past emails, syncing from old to present

Key Features

  • Easy implementation
  • Easy implementation
  • Data Governance
  • Document Management
  • File Sharing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Productivity
  • Knowledge Management
  • Legal Document Management
  • Security



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