The New Way to Collaborate with Customers

Lightico’s Last Mile Customer Experience technology enables contact center agents to accelerate sales and service requests to address business-critical CX gaps.

With Lightico, while on a call, customers digitally sign documents, complete forms, share documents/ID, see images and videos and process payments securely. Lightico’s solution streamlines company processes and improves customer experience in the critical last mile of customer journeys.

Today, as customers are more digital, more distracted and more mobile, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach and fully serve them. Regardless, business operations still require customers to complete many demanding tasks like submitting ID, completing forms, signing documents and paying in a compliant and secured manner. However, now, with customers out and about (without faxes, printers, attention or patience) even the most basic customer-dependent tasks can become an elongated chase. Because of this technology gap, businesses need to invest even more effort to sell and serve customers. This creates a CX gap that costs businesses sales, inflates expense and hurts customer experience.

Lightico fixes the Last Mile CX Gap by bringing key digital capabilities into any touchpoint, so that businesses can better serve their customers and earn more revenue immediately, completely, securely, and in compliance.

Our customers have experienced 15% increase in NPS, 25% lower AHT and 35% higher FCR.

Key Features

  • Mobile-Friendly eForms & eSignatures
  • ID Collection & Verification
  • Real-Time Document Sharing
  • Secure Payments
  • T&C Approvals



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