Secure, Affordable and Easy-to-Use Document Management System for Small & Medium Businesses. Low fixed fee for the whole organization, unlimited users.

- Approval Workflow
An invoice, a vacation application or another document needs to be approved by one or several people before next steps? Not a problem! Invite people to approve and add their comments. In fixed order or all at once. It's never been easier to get and trace approvals!

- Notifications
Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose.

- Metadata
Add metadata such as tags, signers, notes, date and due date to help organise your documents. You can easily add your own data fields!

- Versioning
You can upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file -- which are always easily recoverable with just one click!

- Reminders
Whenever you need a notification at a certain date and time, just set up a reminder! You can add as many reminders as you like and choose a different e-mail address for notification on each of them.

- Powerful search
We have built in a powerful search so you can search documents not only by the file name but also document's title and metadata, like tags and signers!

- Inbox
For each of your account roles you receive a dedicated e-mail address. Just send/forward an e-mail to that address and the attached file will end up in your Folderit Inbox. Couldn't be any simpler and perfect to store documents on the go!

- Roles
Although you can create unlimited hierarchy under your primary account role, you can actually add up to 5 additional roles! So you can have one for your company, other for you personal needs, clubs, bands or what ever to share with relevant people!

- Accessible
Your documents are accessible to you from every PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. All over the world.

- Local backup
Your documents are stored in secure cloud and are perfectly safe, yet if you wish, you can easily download the whole account or individual files/folders to your hard-drive as often as you like for your local backup.

- Safe & secure
All your data is encrypted in the cloud where it's safely stored and is sent there via secure SSL layer.

Key Features

  • 256-bit Encrytpion
  • Approval Workflows
  • Sharing on account, section, folder & file level
  • Metadata with default & custom fields
  • Versioning
  • Reminders
  • File/Folder notifications
  • Sub-accounts (roles) for different businesses
  • System e-mail address for each role to send files to Folderit from your mailbox



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