DirectRFP is the world's first RFP technology platform built to solicit exact and measurable responses. DirectRFP is the only solution that allows procurement teams to easily create, share, structure, measure, and analyze RFPs to find the best and exact solution for their business needs without the ambiguity and confusion of traditional paragraph-based answers.

DirectRFP solves the key RFP management challenges experienced by procurement professionals:

Challenge #1: Creation and Deployment
The time and effort to create and deploy a single, much less, multiple RFPs can tie up your team and resources and results in RFPs often never getting off the ground.

Challenge #2: Scoring and Analysis
The effort wasted in analyzing vague and ambiguous paragraph-based answers often leads to misinterpretation and confusion.

Challenge #3: Transparency
The lack of analytics, tracking, and reporting often creates distrust and anti-compliant RFPs and vendor (responder) frustration.

DirectRFP Key Benefits
- Reduce the time and effort it takes to create, deploy and score RFPs through a single pane view
- Automate 90% of Your RFP with templates and just focus on the critical 10%
- Eliminate Ambiguity in bids through set answers and weighted scoring
- Auto-Score and analyze results live, and never print off another bid again
- Improve Ease of Vendor Access to get more responses and enjoy better cost savings
- Real-Time scoring from open to close, know who’s bidding (how they are scoring)

Key Features

  • Procurement Software
  • Measurable Responses
  • Time and Dollar Saving
  • Find the Right Vendor
  • RFP Creation from Templates
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Internal Messaging
  • Document Upload
  • Complete Transparency
  • 100% Real Time Responses



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