ProofCafe is online proofing software for creative teams, marketing agencies, packaging design and likewise creative design agencies. It enables faster review and greater collaboration. Creative agencies and marketing teams can get faster and precise review of their banner, images, pdf, video, design files.

Get Precise Feedback at One Place
Clients and colleagues do not have to describe the point or location in an image or pdf or video. Simple annotation & comments will set the exact context about your review feedback. Clients can easily provide precise feedback right on top of the image, pdf or video. You can view all those reviews, feedback just at one place.

Less Rework to Get Faster Approvals
ProofCafe enables better collaboration among clients as well as decision makers since they can see annotations and reply to other’s comments. This eliminates duplication, miscommunication and you can address questions and resolve pending things quickly. The result is minimum rework and fewer revisions to get final approval.

Seamless Collaboration with Client
You can invite colleagues, clients to review your design - ad banner, brochure, PDFs, audio, videos. Clients do not need a login and this feature makes it frictionless collaboration to collect review feedback and approval from client.

Online and Mobile Ready
Since it is online, when designer upload its design to ProofCafe and invite reviewers/approvers; they can use it online. Simple internet ready browser enough to use ProofCafe. It is mobile compatible so you can also use it on your iPhone, iPad as well as Android based smartphones and tablets.

Key Features

  • Support for most media files like images, audio, video, PDFs
  • Share creative content like ad banner, PDF, video, audio
  • Invite reviewers and approver
  • Review approval and workflow
  • Set deadline for content review
  • Annotations and markups
  • Upload multiple versions of proof
  • Compare different versions of proof
  • Automated notification to remind about review
  • Tagging and search
  • Lock proofs, set review deadline
  • Create review groups



Starting from:
$20 /month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
Available (No credit card required)


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