Brandworkz is Digital Asset Management software is designed for marketers who want to take control of their digital assets and improve brand consistency across every channel. Brandworkz is packed with features to help marketers to find the assets they want quickly and intuitively with advanced search functionality. With Brandworkz you can create as many folders as you need, when you need, by yourself. This means you can create a folder structure that meets your requirements. You can link two assets within Brandworkz to make it easy for your users to find and download them together, saving time and reducing the amount of effort required to get hold of the right materials. Brandworkz makes downloading, sharing and tracking assets easy with custom features such as Insights, Asset Alerting, Albums and reporting. You can store, manage and distribute any file type you can imagine in Brandworkz, and they can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere in the world. You can edit images in Brandworkz without 3rd party software. Apply a crop, edit the file type, apply a watermark and rotate an image all from within the system. Brandworkz makes managing your metadata easy as you can scan images as they are imported and automatically generate a keyword list for you to associate with your asset. Assets can be uploaded individually or in bulk. Simply drag your assets into the HTML 5 Uploader and see them appear in the system. Large numbers of files can be added via FTP. Assets that appear more than once will be de-duped and prevented from being reimported.

Key Features

  • Advance reporting
  • Search
  • Asset Alerting
  • Metadata Management
  • Albums
  • Insights
  • Video Playback
  • Office Integration
  • Integrations
  • Tagging



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