Finite element simulation software with built in geometry builder and mesher integrated in a user friendly environment. It is designed to solve Stationary, Time dependent, Periodic, and eigenvalue searching problems in various fields from simple linear structural mechanics to Semiconductor physics and Quantum transport.

The package is built up from several tools, some of them can operate independently from each other:

Geometry Builder

The geometry of the simulation can be in 1,2, 3 dimensions. These geometries can be built with the Geometry Builder tool. It can import CAD files, and make boolean operations on them (or other complex operations: extrude, revolve, linear grid, circular grid). The geometry builder creates a wireframe structure for the definitions of the simulations and for the mesher.

Material Browser and Library

Different materials can be defined for different domans in the simulation. The user can choose with the material browser from the Material Library the predefined materials to use it in the simulations.


For the created wireframe structure of the geometry the automated mesher generates a tetrahedral, triangular or line mesh. The user can choose the Advancing Front, or a Delauney tessalation to use as a meshing algorithm.


The Preprocessor holds togeather in the GUI the full simulation project. It has a global definitions part, where the user can define parameters, global variables, sweeps, and coordinate and unit systems. A Phyiscs Editor part is integrated also, where the user can choose the physics or study type to simulate, and define the boundary conditions, or simulation conditions (ie.: time steps, frequency, eigenvalue range). The Geometry Builder, Mesher and Material Browser interfaces are also integrated in the preprocessor.

FEM Solver

A Command line tools, which can be controlled through the GUI. In needs the GUI generated input and mesh files to run the simulations, and export the results

General Features
• Advanced graphical interface
• Project saving and loading
• User defined variables
and parameters
• Parametrized geometry builder
• Parametric sweeps
• Symbolic expressions
• Probe definitions
• Post processing
and visualization
• MPI cluster computation
• Linux and Windows support

Key Features

  • FEM simulations
  • Semiconductor physics
  • Optoelectronics
  • LEDs, Geometry building, CSG
  • Meshing, Lasers, Waveguide analysis



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