Overview is a visual regression testing tool that helps with catching unwanted UI changes, by integrating with automated testing suites and analyzing any visual differences on projects. supports any UI, from web applications to native mobile and desktop apps.

Regression testing is a type of software testing which verifies that software which was previously developed and tested still performs the same way after it was changed. During regression testing, new bugs or regressions may be uncovered. Visual regression testing is applying the same testing process to the visual part of an application. is built to be light-weight, easily customizable to suit your needs. It works seamlessly with most modern CI systems and is a great additional tool to UI test frameworks such as Puppeteer,, Selenium or UI component explorers such as Storybook.

You get notified in any channel you prefer – whether it's email, Slack or anything else with a webhook. Our web app is the perfect way to inspect the reports on the visual differences between your builds.

- Easy to use node.js SDK. No framework lock-in! Use preferred testing framework.
- Integrate with flexible REST API from any codebase.
- Browse visual regression reports on a web app.
- Get visual regression summary reports in your Slack and inbox.
- Customize your testing process flow with webhooks.

All these features can be accessed with a monthly subscription. The pricing depends on the volume of tests performed monthly. A free trial is available on all our subscription plans.

Key Features

  • Visual regression testing
  • Simple SDK
  • Flexible API
  • Full visual regression reports
  • Visual regression summary reports in Slack
  • Visual regression summary email reports
  • Extensive branches support



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