Timble is time tracking - smarter, and a holistic solution for project management.

Timble Desktop is a a cloud based time tracker, that fully integrates with project management platforms such as JIRA or Tello. After one time authenticaton, it synchronizes tasks and projects in both directions. All task and project data is easily accessible, and always up-to-date. With all-in-one task management, Timble is designed to minimize distractions, and helps developers focus on work. Single button time tracking helps register working time more efficiently, and with less effort.

Timble Desktop includes a lot of handy, user friendly features which make everyday time tracking even easier. Universal Input Window allows to add tasks and time using programming style commands, and Mini Window - tracking assistant which always stays on top, enables to track time and change issues without the need to switch between programs or browser windows.

Timble Mobile App was created to support the desktop version, to continue tracking work anywhere, and on every device. The Mobile App gives access to all the projects and tasks that you have on your account. Those created in Timble’s desktop version, and those synchronized from Jira and Trello as well.

The Web App is a project manager's control center. Real-time team and project overview give project managers detailed insight into what's going on. Thanks to all the project data available in Timble, managers know if the team is making enough progress towards their goal, and are able to react accordingly. Additionaly, automatically generated timesheets and graphs take the hassle out of employee time tracking and reporting.

Key Features

  • Convenient time tracking at the press of a single button
  • Mini Window - tracking assistant, always on top
  • Timeline view of all tracked issues and tasks
  • Universal Input field - a convenient way to edit and add new tasks, in a natural, code-writing like way
  • All tasks gathered in one place, easily accessible and editable
  • Full sync with JIRA and Trello, so all data is always up-to-date
  • Project Manager web app, with real-time overview of all projects, and teams
  • Visual representations of teams and projects, including work overload, tasks started, completed, in progress, or late
  • Automatically generated timesheets, ready to present to clients, or higher management
  • Mobile apps for both iOS, and Android



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