Our story with FakeJSON began with a realization: non creative people (aka boring people like us) spent a ridiculous amount of time generating tons of fake data when mocking up an application. Time that could have been better spent building the application, marketing it or even catching up on sleep. The result of this realization is FakeJSON. FakeJSON is an API to quickly generate fake data. Make an API request describing what you want and how you want it. Receive the response in JSON. It's that simple. Our long term mission is to speed up the go to market process for ideas and help you fake it till you make it.

Why use FakeJSON to generate fake data?
- *No installations required*. No packages to download. No file dependencies. A fully hosted microservice to generate your data. Choose from more than 100 different fields.
- *Create and save resources* to get a consistently structured (by you) response each time. You not only get the flexibility of tailoring the API request to your needs, you're able to save the request into a handy shortened url which will always return you a response as how you want it.
- *Directly insert into HTML* with the FakeJSON library. Simply specify which HTML element you'd like to populate with test data and the FakeJSON mock front end library will do the rest.
- *Deeper nesting levels* than anything out there without a noticeable difference in response time. Response times for others may be in the seconds whereas ours is in the ms.
- *Managed tokens for larger teams*. As the admin of the FakeJSON account, you'd be able to allocate and manage tokens for others. Perfect for managing the plan quota or even teaching a class.

Key Features

  • Test data generator API
  • Saved resources
  • Mock front end library
  • Managed tokens
  • No installations



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