Buddy is a Continuous Delivery Platform that is about web sites & apps development automation.

Continuous integration & delivery is not only a flavour of the month – it’s an industry standard. If you want to catch up with the hottest IT trends, Buddy is for you.

Buddy offers the possibility to design continuous delivery pipelines tailored to individual needs. It supports all the general stages mentioned in the previous section. And actually Buddy can do much more. Let’s take a look at the functions.

The main component in Buddy is a project. It consists of two main elements: a Git repository and a set of pipelines, defining when and how the source code from the repository will be processed (compiled, tested, prepared for deployment) and delivered to a given server.

Usually your code requires compilation. Buddy allows you to build applications in Docker containers, which are more or less similar to virtual machines. The user defines what tool would be used during building the application and what commands would be executed.

Upon completion of this step, we need to upload the application to server. This can be performed by another action from Buddy’s actions set. You may chose from a variety of protocols like FTP/FTPS/SFTP or upload you application to Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Google Cloud Engine and so on.

Very often you will need to perform certain operations on the server where you deployed your application, e.g. database update or service restart. All you need to do in Buddy is adding an SSH action, where you define the connection data and operations you want to perform.

Thanks to with Buddy's unique pipelines triggered recurrently it's possible to automate monitoring-related tasks too.

Key Features

  • Test, build and ship better apps & websites, faster
  • Set up your entire build-test-deploy workflow in minutes
  • Flexible deployments with amazing speed
  • Deploy anywhere: from FTP servers to multi-node delivery to most popular IaaS like Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean
  • Run builds, console commands or Gulp & Grunt tasks in isolation of Docker containers
  • Attach microservices like MongoDB or MySQL
  • Run SSH commands on all or selected nodes before, after or during deployment
  • Automate backups, website & apps monitoring
  • Build & push your own Docker images
  • Integrate with GitHub, BitBucket & others
  • Use our free integrated Git hosting with branch management, merge requests, push permissions & web code editor



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