SaaS Manager


What is SaaS Manager?
SaaS Manager is a platform that reduces time to build a cloud application by up to 6 months. It provides common features in the from of APIs & simple web application, that are required to build cloud applications, but are not the core of the business, for instance: authorization, SSO, user management, subscriptions, payments, notifications, etc.

What are the benefits of building my apps on top of SaaS Manager?
SaaS Manager is for everyone, who creates or has their own software. When you create new software, SaasManager helps developers by giving them already working solutions, which can be easily implemented in a new software. When you start a new project, SaaS Manager saves up to 3 to 6 months of work as you are not working on the common features but get straight to the core of the business. On the other hand, when you’re already developing a project, SaaS Manager gives you an easy way to implement stuff like payments and notifications into an already ongoing project.

I handle the business model. How do I use SaaS Manager?
SaaS Manager gives pepole running the business a simple web application to configure their business model. They compose it from features, set up pricing and usage quotas. That model is then converted into codes that developers use in their code.
What we love about SaaS Manager is that business model is automatically synchronized with features codes and quotas that developers use in their code. Even better – business model changes do not require developers to update their code!

Key Features

  • Notifications
  • Subscriptions & Payments
  • Notification Templates
  • Usage Tracker
  • Pirate Metrics




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