For utmost customer experience management, you can depend on LivePerson. It offers a number of features namely LP chat, LP marketer, LP knowledgebase and LP email.

LP chat connects you with the customers to create effective, meaningful and real-time connections via proper channel including social media, websites and different mobile devices.

 LP marketer targets customers and prospects with tailored messages as well as offers anywhere on the site. The outcome is a personalized and convincing website experience for every visitor that remarkably improves transaction value, conversion rate and retention level.

LP knowledgebase turns your list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) into a very efficient and powerful self-service database. With it, you can provide your site visitors with all answers they want while saving their valuable time and your hard-earned dollars. It integrates with other LivePerson channels of communication and provides you with data about your visitors’ behavior and requirements.

LP email is basically designed for most effective customer service, help desk and your company’s sales departments. It routes, monitors and delivers customer correspondence fast and effectively.

With LivePerson, you can turn on chat for free. Your customers just need to login once and experience unlimited engagements. It enhances your company’s sales figure, maximizes customer satisfaction, increases brand loyalty via meaningful connections.

In a nutshell, with LivePerson, you can lower your company’s overall operating cost, increase operational effectiveness and create better customer experience. It also lets you improve your marketing efforts and maximize conversion rates.

World’s leading brand use LivePerson to help their customers in the easiest and the most successful way. It helps them experience better conversion rate to bolster sales figure. 

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