HelpOnClick Live Chat Software is advanced live chat software that not only helps in increasing sales but also provides increased customer satisfaction. You can monitor traffic on a real time basis and learn who is going through your website instantaneously. Once you know the visitor, you can contact the person directly through chat and try converting him/her by offering customized services or information.

Installation process and getting started is very easy as it takes just 5 minutes time. One of the greatest facilities available to the person handling the chat is availability of desktop tray application and therefore you don’t need to keep the browser open all the time for knowing about messages and chats. Instant notification of messages and chats reach the user. Chat window can be customized as per look of the website.

Most important features available to the users of HelpOnClick Live Chat Software are full multi website support, powerful rules of invitation, availability of virtual agent, customization features (including theme matching, icon choosing facility, ability to use own icons, customization of texts, copy and paste HTML code, and customization facility of all pre-chat fields), marketing (which includes ability to use operators’ images, monitoring facility of real time traffic, automatic invite to chat, manual facility to chat invitation, widget chat invitation facility, and chat invitation by lightbox), and Chat Live feature (ability to run multiple chats, multiple platform access – smartphones, tablets, Mac, PC, SMS, and mobile apps, ability of user to check out what visitors are typing in the chat field even before they even send the message, facility of attaching notes to conversations, usage of canned messages, chat facility between operators, traqnsfer chat, “availability of “Leave a Message” facility, and many more).  Detailed reports as well as integration facilities of Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, eCommerce, CMS, and Help Desk and CRM features are also available. 

Key Features

  • See what the visitors are typing before they submit it
  • Real time chat with your website visitors
  • Chat between operators, transfer chat to another operator
  • Leave a message option, redirect or hide widget when offline
  • Advanced in-built statistics + Google Analytics integration
  • Automated invitations based on visitor type, referrer, etc
  • Integrations w/major CMS, E-commerce, Help desk, CRM systems
  • Full multiple websites & multiple departments support
  • Sound alert whenever a visitor has entered to chat
  • Access from PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, even SMS
  • Facebook chat application for business pages
  • Use canned messages for repetitive responses
  • Copy & paste HTML code. One time set up



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