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ProProfs Knowledgebase
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ProProfs Knowledgebase is a powerful tool using which businesses can create online documentation, manage employee knowledge and offer self-service help to customers. Companies can quickly create highly-searchable online FAQs to onboard customers faster or a private-intra company knowledgebase, accessible to only authorized employees. Besides FAQs and knowledge bases, business can use the tool to create product guides, training manuals, wikis and more.


Reduce tickets & support calls - </b> ProProfs Knowledgebase helps companies instantly create a website FAQ, manual, guide or even a full-fledged self-service help center, where customers can easily find answers to their questions. As a result customers can find solutions on their own, without having to contact support or raise a ticket. While this delights customers as they don’t have to wait for answers, it also means less workload for support agents as they don’t have to answers the same questions again and again.

Grow organizational knowledge - Organizing and managing employee knowledge is easy with ProProfs Knowledgebase Software. Companies can create a password protected knowledge base, which can be accessed by only authorized employees from anywhere at anytime, making the process of sharing organizational knowledge seamless and secure.

Offer a fantastic product experience - ProProfs Knowledgebase Software can be used for much more than just online documentation. The tool is ideal for companies looking to offer context-sensitive help to customers, in the form of tooltips, lightboxes and popups. With context-sensitive help companies can provide content to customers just when they need it. This makes for great product tours and website experiences.

Key Features

  • Build an internal knowledge base for your employees
  • Easy team collaboration in the cloud
  • Create FAQs, wikis, software manuals, user guides & more
  • Context-sensitive help such as tooltips, lighboxes & popups
  • Robust workflows and content review cycles
  • Member and team management
  • Integrate with popular CRMs, Helpdesks & more
  • WYSIWYG editor and table of contents
  • Seamlessly import videos, documents, PDFs and more
  • Create knowledge bases in 90+ languages
  • Access your knowledge base from any mobile device



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