Due to the introduction of this technique the price of handling the system is reduced. The price primarily includes the costs for register maintenance, receipt books, files, etc. To cut back the prices the new system was planned. Positive aspects of the designed system that contributed to the profit analysis area unit quick and straight forward storage of all data. It is additionally simple to retrieve any needed details as quick as attainable. There is no would like for maintaining receipt books. The new system is extremely useful than as a result of the system is fully automated. This software will help you automate every process in gym whether it is joining member, providing diet set up/exercise plan, causation reminders of payments and different notifications, entry and exit of subscribers, record keeping etc.

G-GMS features:
Membership Management:
Admin/user can manage membership with plans, start date, paid amount, taxes etc.

Plan Management:
Admin can create plans with fee and duration in days/months/year.

Attendance Management:
Bio-metric integration helps to manage attendance of both members and employees.

Expiry Alerts:
Membership expiry alerts helps you to send SMS to the members through this software.

Due Amount Reminder:
G-GMS reminds you to collect due amount on a particular date given by members.

CRM / Enquiry Management:
This helps you to take followups of pre sale enquiries.

Exercise and Diet Management:
You can create diet plans and exercise plans.

Customization is available on G-GMS.

Key Features

  • Membership Management
  • Plan Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Expiry Alerts
  • Due Amount Reminder
  • CRM / Enquiry Management
  • Plan and Exercise Management



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