Foraying into the world of ERP, EVA ERP aimed at realizing the dream of providing an Economically Value Added ERP for SMEs’ with increased affordability & flexibility

Focus on your actual goals rather than worrying about maintenance of IT infrastructure or the recurring costs of hardware and software licensing. Let us tackle these issues for you, powered with the next generation of ERP software for SMEs’ and world class infrastructure from google apps engine without boring a hole in your pockets.

- No Installation required
- No need to maintain very expensive hardware infrastructure
- Dont worry about your server crash or data loss
- Easy to use & fast to implement

Instead of businesses having to work their way around the ERP application, we provide them the freedom to customize the application according to their requirements. The driven efforts of our development and research teams, to innovate with technology and create personalized products, built with rapid development framework and template based business process management, converts the vision to reality. It significantly reduces the implementation cost and time, maximizing ROI for SMEs.

1. Sales & Service Management
2. Customer Relationship Management
3. Procurement Management
4. Inventory Management
5. Accounts Management
6. Human Resource Management

We have exclusive software for

EVA ERP / CRM Software
- Pest Control Business Management Software
- HVAC Business Management Software
- CCTV Business Management Software
- Computer and Hardware Business Management Software
- Bakery Solutions Management Software
- Fleet Management Software
- Optician Business Management Software
- Optician Store Management Software
- Car Rental Management Software
- Fire Extinguisher Management Software
- AMC Management Software
- Sales and Service Management Software
- Field force Management App
- Business Analytics Mobile App
- Customer Service App
- E-Commerce Plateform
- Website Development
- Android / IOS Mobile Development
- Be Spoke Custom Application Development

Key Features

  • Pest Control Business Management Software,
  • HVAC Business Management Software



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