Synerise, a Revenue Performance Management system, is one of the most comprehensive solutions for business, allowing integration of various channels of data related to an organization, consumers and their engagement with a brand. This simplifies the process of making strategic decisions regarding sales and marketing activities.

Synerise makes creating and developing loyalty programs easier through the integration of points of contact with the target group, thus allowing businesses to effectively conduct transactions, execute omnichannel campaigns at points of contact and automate marketing processes. It’s also a place where you can design effective multichannel campaigns (sms, push, beacon, wifi, email) using marketing automation mechanisms like tracking codes.

Synerise analyzes collected data and identifies consumer purchasing patterns and interests. This makes it possible to, for example, examine the conditions that influenced a consumer’s decision to buy. Synerise facilitates the verification of availability of particular products in stores without the need to contact a sales agent. Everything is done by Mobile SDK for ecommerce , which enables the analysis of customer behavior in mobile channels as well. This solution is intended for large and innovative brands.

The goal of the platform is primarily to deliver only the information that consumers need in the most appropriate form. Starting with quick information on the availability of the product in a particular store and available discounts, the system selects the right offers for customers that relate to the history of their purchases both offline & online. Synerise, with its CRM + BI mechanism, delivers valuable information about consumer behavior in the time and space needed for businesses to connect consumers with just the right offer.

Synerise is equipped with seven main functionalities:

1. CRM - The intelligent choice for customer management.
2. CAMPAIGNS - Marketing activities aimed at the right customers at the right time and place.
3. TASK - The fastest way to reach a goal.
4. INSIGHTS – simple conclusions
5. ANALYTICS - Monitoring the effects of marketing campaigns and increases in sales.
6. AUTOMATION - The easy way to automate marketing communication.
7. MESSENGER - The Intelligent way to manage clients.

Key Features

  • Lead Management
  • Segmentation
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Coupon Campaigns
  • Beacon Notifications
  • Push Notifications
  • Automations Rules
  • Offline and Online Data
  • Transactions Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Timeline Tracking/Customer View 360



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