Planhat is beautiful and easy to use. It helps your company reduce churn, improve product adoption, automate tasks and maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Planhat is built for everyone from the CS rep to the C-Suite. It has all the functionality and features you would expect in a modern Customer Success Platform - the difference is in the design, usability and speed to implement.

Customer Success is becoming increasingly complex and inefficient, but it should only ever have a focus of creating value for your customers. Planhat removes the complexity, increasing efficiency and automating mundane tasks helping your CS team prioritise and spend time building value and relationships.

Planhat integrates with all your business systems including your own product, giving you a single location with all customer information, from their usage data, to annual spend, recent interactions, support tickets, defined goals, health scores, NPS and anything else you can imagine.

Your client portfolio can be segmented to enable focused attention or analysis on specific cohorts. Users can be added to Personas enabling dedicated attention based on a Users role at your client, history of interactions with your CS team or just their engagement with your product.

In a simple example, imagine you win a new client. It is marked as Closed/Won in your CRM which automatically syncs with Planhat and creates a new customer account including subscription details, users, client information and anything else in your CRM. Creating the account in Planhat kick starts your Onboarding playbook the first Play of which is sending a welcome email. The welcome email is a template HTML mail hosted in Planhat so within minutes of the account being marked Closed/Won in your CRM they have an account in Planhat, have started their Onboarding playbook and received a welcome email.

Process automations such as this save vast amounts of time for your CS team, drive best practices and help ensure relationship and value building are the main focuses of your CS team.

Key Features

  • Customer 360
  • User 360
  • Customer Health Scores
  • User Health Scores
  • NPS Surveys Outreach and Analysis
  • Task Automations
  • Triggers and Alerts
  • AI Churn prediction
  • Playbooks
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Customer Segments
  • User Personas
  • Engagement data
  • Upsell Opportunities
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Data Security



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