Tractfile is a CRM and a contract management software. It is powerful yet simple to use. The system is totally customize able and ultimately flexible. It is the best and easiest way to keep track of contracts and recurring transaction. It also has a great CRM module that is also great at setting reminders to keep up with your clients as well as prospective clients.

The CRM module allows you to create company profiles or just client profiles. You can link client profiles with a company. It stores all information including address, email, phone number, birthday etc. You can assign users to manage different clients and companies. Once they are in the system you can link reminders(action items) to the clients so you know when to email or call them or if you have a meeting with them. Every day you will get an email with an overview of what items need to be taken care of as well as items that are past due. This is a great tool for your sales support.

The contract management module allows you to create templates for your contracts. You can highlight different clauses in your contract to send to your clients to make sure they read that part. You can also set up recurring payments for the contracts that will automate billing. This system can be linked to your quick-books or accounting system. You can also set different reminders with the contracts so you know what needs to be done with them and when.

The system has custom fields as well as a custom reporting section. It can be used anytime from any device.

Key Features

  • Accounting integration
  • User friendly
  • Standardized template
  • Customize able
  • Event reminders



Starting from:
$99/month for 5 users
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
14 Day Free Trial

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