OFS PRO is an optimized field services software. This system does everything from creating an initial bid, dispatching crew and equipment, asset management, data tracking, safety compliance, and invoicing your clients. It can easily be integrated with other systems as well. OFS PRO is very user friendly as it has a Microsoft outlook feel. It allow for real time management and reporting. It has offline capability as well.

The system has three different interfaces. A back office interface, a field supervisor interface for a tablet or laptop, and then the mobile app interface for the field workers.
-The back office interface is where dispatching and asset management is all done from.
-The field supervisor interface is where the field supervisor would track progress along a job and complete any required safety compliance. Field supervisors can also do electronic field ticketing and electronic signing on this interface.
-The mobile app allows for field worker to do real time reporting. It also does time tracking for users instead of having to clock in on a system, they can just do it on the mobile device being used. The app also works offline so the users can still collect any needed data that is stored in the app. When the uses reaches an area with service, the app will automatically sync and send all data to the back office interface for managers to review.

The system is also very customize able to cover any needs you can think of.

Another great feature is the assent management portion. You can track any products or equipment however it is needed. Whether it be a maintenance schedule or parts that need to be ordered or are in inventory.

Key Features

  • Real time data
  • User friendly
  • e-ticketing
  • Offline capability
  • Improved billing accuracy



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