Meetings, mails, calls or internal notes - complete history of cooperation in one place. Introduce your own solutions. Define what details are crucial to fill in with custom fields and forms. Adapt database segmentation. Tag with own naming. Systematically cumulated knowledge presented in clear form. That's for starters.
Recreate sales process with stages, conditions to met and automations. Make the workflows free users from manual updating. Integrate with other applications with an API. Share sales and marketing data to empower these teams effects. Gather leads and nurture them so later sales reps can close the deals faster. Send personalized offers which can be easily copied as order or invoice. Check health of your relations since the first contact. All of the data can be used to automate as much as possible within the process.
Build advantage by data saved in the system. You won’t miss important note or crucial detail. Save time and help with customer service with the informations stored in the app. Make accurate decisions based on actual data updated in real time. Draw conclusions, search and filter lists, collate reports for analysis. Built-in customizable panels gives instant access to all important informations. There is also export to external analytical tool.
As an advanced solution all the above are managed with permissions set for specific users. Work and data sharing is here made easier and enable usually separate departments cooperate on desired level.

Outrun competition – quote and sell faster

Product base
Price and discount calculations doesn’t have to take long. Use own portfolio of products and services. Prepare offer so fast so you can send it while still on the phone.

In your visual policy
Keep several templates for different occasions and all of them in your design. Unify and speed up offer preparation with predefined content.

Built-in calculator
Avoid miscalculations. System will tally up the offer parameters. Generator has all the math needed inside.

Sales, marketing, quotes, invoices and many more in one integrated solution.
1. CRM
2. SFA
4. Invoices
5. Inventory Management
6. Cash and payments
7. Automations
8. API
9. Advanced permissions

Key Features

  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Workflow actions
  • API integrations
  • Customizations
  • Sales data analytics
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email marketing



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