Flectra is an open-source business management software that integrates core capabilities of CRM and ERP systems into a single, compact, and powerful package. It is built with a modular approach, enabling businesses and organizations to include apps, features, and tools they need for their operations and processes but still enjoy the versatility to scale as their business grows and requirements change.
With Flectra, users can easily modify the system to meet the unique needs of their business. As their business expands and their customer base grows, they can easily add more tools to Flectra so that all these requirements are fully met and addressed. Quite simply, Flectra is the ultimate business app suite.

Open Source Business App Suite
Flectra gives you a comprehensive, scalable business management platform that you can easily modify or configure to suit your current needs and then change again as your requirements shift. Being an open source system, Flectra provides you with all the freedom you need to make the software work for you and your business setup, instead of changing how you do things.
Another benefit Flectra brings to the table as far it being an open source software is accountability. Developers are always monitoring the software to see if the changes they introduced really do improve the software’s performance. That means Flectra is continuously observed to ensure that all changes made to its core are actually beneficial to the users.
All Bases Covered
From managing website content to handling marketing campaigns to organizing customer information, managing orders or performing business-related acquisitions, and more, Flectra’s modular design enables you to add or remove tools to make Flectra work for you. It is a comprehensive business suite that you can easily tailor to match your needs. And whatever your requirements are, you can be sure Flectra is so flexible to cover all your bases and help you remain functional and totally in control.

Key Features

  • Smart CRM Solution
  • Purchase Management Software
  • CMS
  • Project Management Software
  • Sales Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Point of sale Software
  • Real-time Helpdesk
  • Accounting Software
  • Smarter Human Resource Management
  • Manufacturing and Maintenance Management
  • Marketing Automation



Starting from:
$4/per app/ per user/month
Free Trial:
Free To Try, No Credit Card Required


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