FellaFeeds is a feedback based CRM software, which enables the offline stores to get Customer’s feedback on digital devices and build their business on the basis of processed information. It also provides them easy access to digital advertising platforms like Facebook and AdWords to market and re-market their product/services to the effective target audience in a convenient manner.

The customer survey can be collected via a tablet or a mobile phone (using the feedback app ) and can be managed across multiple devices saving you time and money in the process of taking feedback.

As a store owner, you can also track your employee performance via the app and find your best/worst employees according to your customers.

Fella Feeds app features:

1. Negative Feedback alert via SMS and email to the store owner.
2.Thank you SMS to customers for each customer feedback.
3. Employee management system for stores through employee points.
4. Customer loyalty via feedback.
5. Social media marketing for customers.
6. Smart Analysis of feedback.
7. Promotional SMS for customers on anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and other important days.
8. Email Marketing.
9. Customer referral program
10. Loyalty point system for customer retention.

How to use Fella Feeds?

For taking the feedback on the app, you need to create an account with FellaFeeds. by clicking on register here.

The feedback taking process is as follows:

1. Log in on the fella feeds app using your owner login credentials provided at the time of creating the account.

2.Enter the pin for the person who is taking the feedback. (The unique employee pin)

3. Collect the customer feedback with their phone number and name as compulsory fields.

Once the feedback is done, the app will collate all the feedbacks gathered and analyse it. The results will be presented on the dashboard.

The dashboard will display the following features:

1. Total number of feedbacks taken in a specific amount of time.
2. Unique feedback number which is equal to the number of unique customers you have.
3. Average feedback on each category of the feedback for a product (Food) like Cost, Services, Ambience etc.

The major features of the app in detail:

1. Marketing
You get to market your store via the promotional SMS system. You can customise the SMS service and apply filters like 'Last visit (date)', 'Customer satisfaction', 'Customer retention', etc. can be applied while sending out the promotional SMS to target a specific group of customers.

2. Negative Feedback Alert
This feature will help you in being on top of every negative feedback you get at your store. The app will shoot a message as an SMS on your phone with detail of the customer whose experience is bad along with the detail of his feedback for you to respond quickly.

3. Customer Loyalty
This survey app has a customer loyalty system that rewards your customers each time they visit your store/hotel/restaurant/cafe with some points that give them a reason to come back to your store to redeem those points in exchange of some item.

4. Customer Referral Program
We motivate your customers to refer a friend to your store so that they can earn more customer loyalty points for each referral at that store. The customers will be tracked by the feedback app.

5. Automated SMS
The customers who give feedback will get promotional SMS on Birthdays and Anniversary which can be changed from the dashboard.

For the customers who get their services delivered on their doorstep, the app sends an SMS with the feedback form link. The customer can fill up and submit the form via a browser.

The Fella Feeds Customer feedback app helps you to:

- Assess your strengths as a company.

- Analyse the impact of the upgrades you make on your products/services on your customers.

- Know the weak areas that you need to improve upon.

- Keep a track of your employee performance.

- Make informed business decisions in the long run.

- Increase your customer base and customer retention

Key Features

  • Customer feedback
  • Customer loyalty via feedback
  • Customer referral program
  • Promotional SMS for customers
  • Social media marketing for customers
  • Email Marketing
  • Negative Feedback alert via SMS and email to the store owner.
  • Employee performance
  • Automated SMS on anniversaries, birthdays, festivals and other important days
  • Export data



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