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CompanyHub is a Fully Customizable CRM : Normally when CRMs say they are customizable, they just let you store some fields. CompanyHub goes way beyond that. You can also create custom tables to store any kind of data like Projects, Payments, Schools, Properties, Courses etc. Records from different tables can be associated. You can change the labels (like change ‘Company’ to ‘Hospital’), filter records by any criteria, change columns and do reporting on any table / field.

Email Automation

Sales people spend lot of time on email. CompanyHub gives them everything they need to be more productive. Email Sync automatically updates the conversation with leads. No need to BCC / copy paste. Team can see all conversation at 1 place. Bulk mail helps reach more leads in clicks. Email tracking shows who opened which mail and which links they clicked. Email can be scheduled. Sending an important mail? You can also request a reminder, in case you don’t get a reply. There is also a gmail plugin to track any mail sent from gmail.

Followup Suggestions

CompanyHub tracks your conversations with your leads. You can mark them as very hot / hot / cold / warm in 1 click using hotness meter. Accordingly whenever there is lack of conversation, you get followup reminder. You can also set followup date yourself.

Visual Sales Pipeline

You can see all your enquiries / potential deal in 1 view and track them from start to end. As the deal progresses, just drag it to the next stage. You can also filter deals by sales person and do reporting on deals.

Powerful Reporting

Let’s say you want to compare sales of 2 salespersons in New York area in last 3 months. You can get the report in seconds. You can do reporting on any data (including custom fields), for any period of time. Filters can also be applied. It also supports various types of charts & tables.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable
  • Email Sync, Bulk Mail
  • Email Tracking
  • Followup Suggestions
  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Products & Pricelists
  • Quotes & Sales Orders
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Field & Record Level Access Control
  • Territory Management



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