Collectizi is a smart document collection system allowing businesses all around the world to gather and share their clients documents seamlessly.

No more endless email threads, no need to chase your clients to get their information. Now with Collectizi, you can auto-pilot your document collection from a single place and close deals faster.

We offer a cost-effective and easy-to-use online app that you and your team can use to send request to prospects or clients to collect remotely a list of document or files.

1) Create a request template with the list of documents you need to collect
2) Send the request from your dashboard directly to your clients email
3) Once they receive the email, they can send back to you all required documents from their secured portal using their preferred device.

Collectizi allows you to autopilot your documents collection so that you can concentrate on what matters for your business.

-More reliable than emails
-Saves time
-Boosts your business productivity
-Helps you close deals faster and sign contracts more quickly
-Shows a professional image of your business and delights your customers

The system is suitable to any business needing to collect clients documents or files as part of their daily activities. Our clients are:
-Web agencies needing to gather their clients files and creative assets in order to start working on their web development
-Loan or insurance brokers needing to collect their clients information as part of loans applications
-Human resources departments and temporary agencies needing to onboard quickly new applicants
-Schools and Universities needing to collect students information as part of their admissions programs
-Startups needing an easy tool to collect their taskforce documents
And much more!

Ready to supercharge your business productivity?

Key Features

  • Highly secured Cloud Servers
  • Auto reminders to your recipients
  • Team collaboration and management
  • Responsive client portal
  • Email and phone customer support
  • Free templates available
  • Branded requests
  • Integrated messaging tab



Starting from:
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
15 days. No credit card required.


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