90 Degree Team Task


The software is implemented to provide a comprehensive web based platform to manage different projects, track tasks, users, and offer a collaboration framework for employees. The CRM software is developed to automate & optimise sales process, additionally it can handle different projects, tasks, employees, client history and sales projections etc. The 90degree Team Task is a cloud based software. The CRM module has an advanced reporting interface with 3D reports configurable as per the requirements of the business. We offers CRM and Project Management in one so you can make sure You're on top of your customer relationship at every stage. With project overview screen you can see the recent activity on any project.

Features you’ll love.

-Dynamic Dashboard - The dashboard is dynamically configurable with a quick over-view of all action items.

Help Desk -90 Degree Team task providing 24/7 support to help your customers answer their own questions.

Project Management- The project management module gives you tools to monitor execution of the projects.

Campaign -You can create your product & service campaigning in multiple way.

Meeting Scheduler- Team Task Scheduler is a powerful tool which helps you schedule your meetings.

3D Reports- 90 Degree Team Task providing fully customize report in all the modules (project,task,contacts,client,sales etc).

POWERFUL CRM- We offer simple and easiest CRM which makes Sales more efficient & easier. It supports your business with technology that will make you feel comfortable & productive.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT- With Team Task, access the best Project management tools to handle Shifting priorities, fast changing needs, tasks, meetings and dynamic business needs to be flexible & adaptive. Deliver compelling results amidst chaos.

MARKETING- Promote your business, reach new customers, & sale more effectively with Team Task campaigns. Run Campaigns to speed up your sales and get more contacts, leads, opportunities and clients. Use ready made templates to run different types of Campaigns for attracting clients.

SALES -Manage contacts, leads, opportunities, clients with the dynamic assignments. Track your sales with step by step conversions, automatic action plans & meeting reminders at different phases of sales cycles. Optimise your best practices & sell more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Mobile Interface -Yes, it works on your iPhone, iPad & Android as well. You can use 90degree team task on your phone or tablet. Work will always be only one tap away.
  • Cloud Based- Team task is powered with cloud. It typically runs on a cloud server, scales up as per your needs & can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Safe Data -90degree team task keeps your data safe in highly secure facilities providing 24X7 access with automatic backup.
  • Employee -A employee management for manage your Employee and there Departments, Designation, Hour rate, log time etc..
  • Project -Create your project and its tasks and allot to employees, you can manage your project team members and project manager with there task..
  • Task Create your tasks and allot to employees, you can manage your project team members and project manager with there task..
  • Documents -Maintain your valuable documents with the virtual directory with the separate folders.
  • Discussion Board -Start your internal Discussion with your Employee, Department, Team members..
  • 3D Reports- 90degree team task providing fully customizable report in all the modules (project,task,contacts, leads, opportunity, client,sales etc).
  • Meeting Calender- Meeting scheduler is powerful tool which help schedule your meeting and manage your time
  • Campaign -Stay connected and in control of Projects from Anywhere! Team Task is an online project management tool that keeps your team and client’s working together.
  • Products- You can manage your product, service and there sales pitch, sale region and related documents.and maintain there prices book.



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