With Maglr we offer marketeers and designers an online tool to create & publish visual interactive content without technical knowledge. Used for individual articles, magazines, landing pages or business presentations.

We focus on two different users. Marketeers choose from an extensive set of ready-to-use responsive templates, styled in own colours & typography. For every type of story a template is available which can be provided with own content using drag & drop content blocks.

For professional designers who want to take a step further, we offer the Pro editor. You are not stuck to a template but start with an empty worksheet. You determine the design, layering and interaction of the page yourself. We offer all the extensive possibilities to create your own idea, without technical knowledge, on multiple screen formats. Stories published with Maglr are directly available. Share it on social media or embed it on your website.

Within Maglr we provide three different solutions where both two editors can be used:

Online magazines
Transform your content into a visually attractive story and make it available to your readers on any device. Guide your reader through the interactive pages with a horizontal navigation created for Maglr Template or Maglr Pro pages.
- Relationship magazines
- Staff magazines
- Annual reports

Corporate presentations & salestools
Maglr Presenter gives marketing the ability to distribute professional presentations from a central point amongst employees. If necessary, the employee can make minor adjustments and shares the presentation online, or offline with our iPad & Desktop Apps.

- Corporate presentations
- Product presentations
- Salestools

Interactive print
With Maglr Print we focus on interactive publications while an alternative print version remains important. With a special set of templates you can manage all formats from a single source. A reader can scrolls through the interactive pages or chooses the PDF version.

- Interactive offers
- White papers
- Product / service brochures

Key Features

  • Easy for the marketeer, extensive options for the designer. No technical knowledge required.
  • Large library 150+ ready-to-use responsive templates for the marketer with easy-to-use drag & drop editor
  • Pro editor offers all the extensive options for the graphic designer
  • Add text, buttons, images, video, slideshows, embeds and audio
  • Pro - Make use of layering, groups and interaction between elements
  • Pro - Animation options based on timing, scroll and mouse movement
  • Pro - Extensive custom keyframe animations
  • Pro - Divide your story into pop-ups or in vertically animated scenes
  • Create a single article or complete publication
  • Share your article via social media or embed within your own website
  • Published result visible on multiple screen sizes



Starting from:
$100,- / month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
No credit card required, 30 day free trial


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