SalesOptimize is a market sizing, competitor intelligence & lead generation search engine driven by web crawler technology and big data analytics.

See who is doing business with your competitors

Find out which online stores are doing business with your competitors: we have competitor filters for the following areas: Payment processors, Parcel delivery / Shipping companies, Marketing Automation companies and more. In fact, if you are selling a product or service to online stores you can find all your sales leads with SalesOptimize. Using proprietary algorithms, we scan the internet and have identify online stores globally.

eCommerce Market Intelligence

The SalesOptimize market intelligence and lead generation platform enables B2B companies to size their market opportunity and drill right down to identify crucial company intelligence on each sales lead such as: Business country, Merchant size, Contact data, Shopping cart technology, Payment method, Shipping company used, Social media ( you can filter based on the number of followers on social media channels) and more.

Key filter targeting
You can identify your target market with simple to use filtering system and refine your search on what you only wish to see. You can filter on the following categories: Business Country, Merchant size, Shipping company used, Payment processor used, Shopping cart technology, Marketing analytics as well as a free text option at the top for specific searches. With regard to Social media users can search for online stores based on, wait for it: FaceBook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, You Tube views and subscribers.

Export directly to Salesforce
Users can export any leads they purchase directly into their CRM or as .xle /.csv files.

SalesOptimize users take comfort in knowing that their data is up to date, accurate as a result of the regular scanning the SalesOptimize algorithm runs.

Key Features

  • Competitor Intelligence
  • B2B eCommerce lead generation
  • Social Media analysis
  • Company information
  • Key contact finder, contact details
  • Precision filtering and targeting
  • Salesforce integration



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