Spot any website visual change, effortless.

Understand what your competitors are doing at every moment and get meaningful insights on their strategy by tracking them with Pagescreen's visual monitoring service.

Pagescreen reveals to you any change made by your competitors on their websites, by taking regular captures of their web pages (customizable frequency), and detecting any amendment in the visual content. Pagescreen alerts you upon any update, and reveals the intention lying behind, by highlighting precisely what changed.

★ Competition Monitoring Service
Pagescreen delivers potentially crucial clues for your business, because even the smallest amendment on a public website is a market signal.

★ Web Page Monitoring on Autopilot
Set periodical captures to collect, monitor and archive any web page activity.

★ Beautifully rendered & accurate captures
Create & organize collections of visually meaningful, desktop & mobile, pixel-perfect screenshots of web pages

★ Alerts on change detection
Instantly receive an alert when a change occurs on a website you monitor.

★ Your own archive of web pages
Consult, sort through, organize and share your screenshots anywhere, anytime

★ Super Easy Diff visualization
Instantly visualize the difference between a page before and after an update, visually.

★ Robust & API-powered
Pagescreen is a complete online & API-powered solution for screenshot automation. Most of the features offered in our tool can be remotely controlled thanks to our client API.

Key Features

  • Pixel-perfect screenshots
  • Customizable viewports
  • Screenshot Automation
  • Competition Monitoring
  • Screenshot API



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