Noplag is online tool and software the purpose of which is to struggle against plagiarism by comparing documents and texts to millions of online resources and the own Noplag database. As a result, a visitor receives a detailed report on the similarities found in the text with the links to the resources. There is a percentage of the text uniqueness provided too. It is designed for educators and their students as well as business and website owners, who want to read or offer only non-plagiarized content and academic assignments.
There are 3 types of check that - against the Web, the library of academic papers and user’s own repository, and each of them or a complex check takes only a few seconds irrespective the number of pages you have to scan.

[email protected] is a version for business representatives with the possibility to team up. It can replace any software that is connected with the setting, performance, and control of assignments between writers and customers.

Noplag is a useful tool for everyone, who needs to subject any texts or content to plagiarism check. Its vast functionality makes it appropriate for ones who want to collaborate with large groups of people and check multiple documents. Noplag as a LMS is helpful for educators who can coordinate students' learning process, assign and check their papers, create their own libraries of files etc. But at the same time it can be used by every person who needs to make plagiarism checks on a regular basis without any restrictions.

Key Features

  • Smart plagiarism checker
  • Fast check results
  • A variety of file formats
  • Detection of a similarity index
  • More than 20 details of the similarity report



Starting from:
¢4/per page
Pricing model:

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