Hightail enables businesses to access as well as share files in a professional manner from any device. This software helps business enterprises become more productive without risking valuable information. Hightail has come up as the preferred choice of businesses to share files, keep ideas moving from one point to another, and lead a project from conception to completion.  

There are essentially three aspects of Hightail that are catching up with the imagination of business domain. The first step in creative collaboration is the ability to send all kinds of files (PDFs, illustrations, videos, photography, designs, presentations, and many more) to clients, employees, contractors, or anyone else. This unique business software enables users to get full image previews and therefore team members or clients can check files instantly without even the need to download files. You can send files up to 10GB from any device, say desktops, mobiles, and others with complete control over who you share work with. Hightail has come up as the preferred choice of businesses to get proofs to clients.

You can drag'n'drop large files with ease and share with the help of Hightail desktop facility. Hightail has created its Express app for helping businesses send large files quickly and securely faster, without having to login or use any browser. You can use Hightail without even leaving Microsoft Outlook and attach large files for sharing with clients/teams/contractors/others.

Collaboration work can be done in one place by using the feature of Hightail Spaces. Specific file feedbacks can be received with the help of the collaborative approach. You can also edit and upload files. No matter whether a professional, business owner, employee, or any team member is in office or not, he/she can always access Hightail software from their mobile devices (both iOS and Android based). 

With Hightail, businesses can sync content with the software, migrate them, and unlock content through the use of secure sharing controls of Hightail.

Key Features

  • 2 GB of storage (free) or Unlimited storage (paid plan)
  • Share files up to 250MB (free) or 10GB (paid plan)
  • 5 e-signatures (free) or Unlimited e-signatures (paid plan)
  • Secure delivery (all plans)
  • Data encryption (all plans)
  • Mobile & desktop app access (all plans)
  • Microsoft Outlook plugin (paid plan)
  • Receive large files from anyone (paid plan)



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