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eXo Platform helps businesses to build and deploy transactional websites, manage online as well as social content, and help create dashboards and gadgets. It is first of its kind cloud-ready enterprise portal and at the same time UXPaaS (User Experience Platform-as-a-Service). All kinds of features, cloud architecture, and most importantly extensibility of a UXP are there at eXo Platform that enables enterprises build public as well as private clouds.


A company, in accordance with the project needs, can create secure portal-based websites and at the same time add user experience services (including social activity streams, document management, and content). In fact, the end users get opportunity to work collaboratively. Main features of eXoPlatform include Collaboration & Knowledge Management, BPM and Workflow, Content Management, Portal Framework, Social, Cloud-Ready, Mobile, IDE, connecting to multiple enterprise LDAP directories, sample applications, documentation, gadget pack, community resources, and many more.


Business enterprises can use eXo Platform as an enterprise portal foundation for presenting as well as organizing capabilities through gadgets and portlets. Proper security is provided through single sign-on and adequate access control. Businesses can use this unique advanced platform for building modern social intranets as well as websites that comes with content management features, forums, wikis, workspaces, workflows, activity streams, and many more.


You can use different kinds of services of eXoPlatform’s User Experience Platform (UXP) for creating portal based websites that comes with mobile access, social networks as well as activity streams, collaboration, content management, and many more. While using eXo Platform, you will find embedded Integrated Web Development Environment (IDE). This is especially helpful for IT teams in developing, customizing, and extending websites with dashboards as well as gadgets.


Use eXo Platform for easy development and adequate control on enterprise ready web portal, social collaboration, maximum productivity, complementary collaborative applications, and ef­ficient communication in a cost effective manner.

Key Features

  • Portal
  • Document Management
  • Forum
  • Social Network
  • Wiki
  • Calendar
  • Dashboard
  • Mobile
  • Localization
  • Cloud
  • Activity streams
  • Unified Search
  • Tasks
  • Applications Containers
  • APIs
  • Web IDE
  • Portal Framework
  • UI composer
  • Single Sign On



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