Meal Plantastic

Overview is a world class meal planning platform. Our secure and scalable RESTful web API supports meal planning, shopping list management and recipe management. Our platform features an integrated marketplace where you can monetize your recipe content and your meal planning services.

Meal Plantastic SaaS is build upon the latest in cloud technology which allows us to provide you with the most advanced security and scalability features possible. We use SSL for communication between your software and our API. We use JWT for authentication and authorization. Best of all, because we're build upon serverless technologies, we can immediately scale with your needs.

Meal Plantastic SaaS is a cloud based meal planning system. The system offers a RESTful web service interface. Request bodies and responses are JSON encoded including error responses. Any HTTP client can be interface with our API.

Meal Plantastic SaaS is an evergreen API. We don't currently or ever intend to maintain multiple versions of the API. We offer three environments: Beta, Test and Production.

Access to the API requires an API Key which you can obtain through registration. Registration is free and will grant you immediate access to our Beta and Test environments, so there's nothing to loose.

We offer up to date documentation at and an API reference at

Sign up today and start experiencing world class meal planning SaaS right away!

Key Features

  • meal planning
  • shopping list management
  • recipe management
  • meal planning marketplace
  • recipe content marketplace



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